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People now consider live streaming when choosing betting sites, and the same goes for mobile apps. It allows you to watch the match live and change your wager based on the events.
This feature is ideal for use when you are not sure that your hunch will be right. As such, many bookmakers are offering live streaming in the hope of expanding their reach. If you want a betting app with this capability, here are some options to consider:


When it comes to reliability, this is one of the best sites on the market. Having established its existence in the nineteenth century, this is a force with which to reckon.
On the upside, you get access to various betting options as well as a large market. Its solid reputation flows onto its app, which has fast gained popularity amongst punters.
As for the app, you can access a large variety of games, including but not limited to poker, live casino, and bingo. That means that you can choose the sports betting option or download the individual other packages.
It allows you to be free of clutter on the main interface. Also, this helps a great deal in the loading rate of the app, allowing you to make wagers faster.
The app is quite comprehensive as it allows you to engage with customer support, access winnings, and stream live events. The interface is simple, and you can quickly check the odds as you scroll through the menu.
You can tell that live streaming is available by checking for a TV symbol next to a match. You should either have placed a bet in the last 24 hours or have money to watch the live streams.


This site is also a giant in the betting industry, having garnered more than fifteen million users. It has spread its reach to more than one hundred countries, and it shows no signs of stopping.
Its app is so intuitive and easy to use that it has bagged some awards in the past. It has a theme that is similar to that of the main site, and navigating the app is a breeze.

The app allows you to access pretty much what you would on the desktop site. As such, you can choose to focus on the app and bid goodbye to the site.
It runs fast and does not have too much information that would slow it down. The apps are separate such that one will focus on sports while another will focus on poker. In this way, you don’t get bombarded with unnecessary stats on opening the app.

When it comes to streaming, you have tens of thousands of events to stream. This way, you can watch the matches and place wagers at the same time.
It helps that this app has so many markets that it would be impossible to run out of options. From ice hockey to volleyball to basketball, it has covered most markets. Also, there is an in-play option.

William Hill

When it comes to the leaders in the betting industry, this is one of the sites that come to people’s minds. It has a wide variety of markets, and it offers excellent live streaming and betting options.
The app is quite comprehensive such that you get the features that you would have on the site. You can make in-plays, stream live events, and manage your funds at the touch of a button.
Its interface is quite easy to navigate, even with all these features in place. If you come across any issues when using the app, customer support is a live chat away.

Streaming takes place daily, with a focus on several games, including tennis and football, among others. As you stream, you get to enjoy live commentary services that break down the events play by play.
The good thing is that you can watch live events even without money in your account. You can tell that live streaming is available by locating the TV icon next to a given match.


This list would not be complete without a mention of one of the world’s leading betting sites.
Not only does it offer diversity in odds and markets, but it also provides live streaming options. All you need to do is to have money in your account to access this service. Thankfully, you can stream from anywhere as long as you have the app.
With these apps, you do not have to rush home to catch your favorite game. You can do so from anyplace at any time.

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